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Hello! I'm Laura Wehrung, a fourth year architecture student, currently learning to solve architectural creative problems with mostly my own imagination-- and Rhino and Adobe Cloud. I am looking outside of my undergraduate teachings to learn real-world architecture and interior design. To this, I bring my strong work ethic, organization, and flexibility. (I think we have all learned to be flexible lately and are doing our best to be persistent!) I am interested in equitable and inclusive design.

My path to architecture and interior architecture began in high school when I moved off to ASMSA, the University of Arkansas affiliated boarding school. Instead of choosing one or the other, I took both STEM and humanities concurrent credit classes. I created a portfolio for the two-year research project, which only furthered my interest in art and painting. I learned techniques in my painting and drawing classes and ended up with a second place title and work sold at the Little Rock Innovation Hub! I knew when I went to college, I needed to continue to combine my interests in STEM and humanities.

The first year of architecture school certainly challenged my work ethic and creativity. I will never forget the second day: they asked us to draw circles with straight lines and I knew then that it would be a challenge! I am grateful for the endurance that first semester instilled in me and continue to grasp at it every semester. 

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