Shifting Mass

Fayetteville Natatorium

This project works with this central creek by spanning over it. By orienting the entry towards the life of the park and away from the trail area, it separates the hyperactive area from the relaxed area. The façade starts to have a lighter quality despite its massive energy. The ceiling angles appear to be punctured, letting in light from above. The connection between the two parts of the project that span over the creek is completely transparent, leading inside to outside to inside, revealing the interior span as it relates to the exterior.


In further exploration, I would like to examine how to use the form to enhance the interior program and push this curving form more into the interior spaces for aesthetic appeal. 

Overlapping Extrusions

Arts Center in Chicago

This project began with an analysis of Johnston Marklee's Hill House. The Arts Center is surrounded by street and has apertures to access it. The main entrance is found in the middle of this circulation, under the main extrusion. Spaces in the Arts Center stack together to form a main view, from the gallery space on the ground floor, to the outdoor space, to the studio spaces. It has a central circulation space extending from the ground floor to the main floor.  Creating this circulation between the event spaces leads to continuity between the lobby, theater, breakout space, and galleries. The studio spaces then branch off from the multipurpose spaces. These particular spaces are repeated to create better circulation and enhance continuity.  

In further exploration, I would like to enhance these three forms even more to allow absolute specificity in the function of each mass.