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Mar Vista Remix

Triplex in Los Angeles

After studying the Mar Vista tract and the Mar Vista original housing type, two ADUs were added on to the house to create a triplex. This triplex is designed for three individuals that need a live and work space. Geometry is angled to allow each ADU to have its own private outdoor space. Awnings and clerestory windows are continued to establish a continuous language. 

In further exploration, I would like to expand upon the capability this project has to enhance the clarity of circulation and use of angles. 


High Density Housing in LA

This project's goal is to downsize high quality dense housing by allowing green spaces, amenities, and housing units to be properly divided and blend with the neighborhood. A double-loaded corridor allows for relation to a large social area that connects the individual communities.

In further exploration, I would like to push the checkerboard pattern. By separating the units even further and creating small townhomes, this would create unique circulation with enhanced lighting systems and further downsize the project.

Atomic Bomb Memorial in Marshall Islands

This project's goal is to memorialize the Marshallese story and their first hand experiences with nuclear weapons. Their lives were uprooted. They became human test subjects. People were relocated from island to island and still remain displaced. The story must not be forgotten as the Marshallese people never received justice. 


By using the Runit Island site, the project can utilize the changes created on the site by the bombs. There is a sense of tangibility to the past to remember the harmful experience. The project invites inclusion and awareness so people can know their history. The goal is simplicity, dematerialization, and emphasis on this unique site.

*Partners: Olivia Caldwell and Shelbie Karafa

*First Panel: Beebreeders Competition

*Four Square Panels: ASCA Competition

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